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On Friday, 26 February 2016, we had a Parent & Child Open House, which provided the parents the opportunity to see how, and what, their children learn in their Casa Montessori classrooms. The children were very excited, not just to show their parents the activities they learned, know and enjoyed doing, but also to “host” their parents.


As one child told her father when he arrived to pick her up on the eve of the open house, “Daddy, I will first show you some easy activities and then show you the difficult ones”!  Yes, this young child had been thinking, planning, and preparing for this event, as had all the Casa children at Smart Start Montessori School.

Here are the observations of the class teachers (or as we refer to them in Montessori, the class directress).

  • “It was fascinating and heartwarming to see the children showing their parents the different Montessori activities. Their eyes lit up upon seeing their moms and dads enter the classroom.  We were witnessing a magical moment, watching them do, and show, activity after activity without needing the teachers”.



  • “The children were preparing themselves all week, anxiously awaiting the “big day”.  I let the children become the guides to their parents.  It was fascinating seeing how independent the children were, and I just loved seeing the expressions on the faces of the parents as they watched their children confidently demonstrate their activities”.



  • “It was interesting to see the children confidently presenting their knowledge and mastery of the various Montessori activities.  The parents had a great opportunity to understand the workings of the Montessori classroom, and see the activities the children engage in, learning to take care of themselves and the environment.  They witnessed how the children start reading, writing, and counting, and practice to master these activities.  This takes them on to reading books, engage in creative writing, counting up to 1000, and performing simple maths (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)”.



  • “What are you doing? asks the mother of her child, as she observes her child working with colourful wooden blocks.  Her son was working with the Trinomial Cube, which develops the child’s sense of shape, concentration, order, coordination and independence, enjoying the beauty of form in three dimensions.  This activity prepares the child for learning algebra”.


The Open House was a great success, and we are indeed glad that many parents were able to make the time to attend and see for themselves the progress their children have made.  Most certainly, the children were excited and eager to show what they had learned to the curious parents.