Under the Sea

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IMG_20140725_150722“Under tIMG_20140725_150813he sea,” sang S., N., and K. as they danced around the carpet. The starfish, octopus, clams, and various sea creatures dangled from above to give the impression that the children really were under the waves. With P.’s help, J. scrutinized the large plastic clownfish as he determined what each of the parts of the fish were called. In addition to guiding the youngsters with Montessori activities, Miss Alicia also coordinated them in putting together a large floor puzzle of an underwater scene.

The craft this IMG_20140725_145951week included glitter glue blob coral and seaweed on a blue background with chenille seahorse and colourful foam fish. Miss Theresa and Mme Michelle assisted the tots in twisting, gluing, arranging and proudly presenting their aquariums. Glub! Glub!