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For Parents

In keeping with the Montessori philosophy, our program strives to maintain continuity between school and the home. To attain this continuity, a varied series of parent activities has been developed and implemented throughout the school year. These activities include classroom observations, parent-teacher meetings, parent education sessions and open houses for students and their families. Parents are also encouraged to meet with teachers throughout the year to discuss their child’s progress.

Parents have the opportunity to observe their children in the classroom. This provides them with a better understanding of their child’s learning process and enables them to help their children at home, thus making the home an extension of the school learning environment.


What Our Parents Say


Our children would like to thank all of you for such a wonderful year with Smart Start Montessori. They have truly grown and become very positive children. They always talk about how wonderful their teachers are and how much they love going to school every morning. Thank you all for such a great job. You all have truly made a difference in their education. They will carry it with them through the years.

Hakeem Olajuwon, Toronto Raptors


For parents new to the concepts of Maria Montessori, come and look at the children in the classroom. They are learning new things everyday. But more importantly, they are ENJOYING the learning process.

Yasmin and Gus


Children are little rosebuds…. And in my son, through him and by the teachers and his friends here, I have seen each petal bloom out with such strength, colour and character that I am assured by the end of his stay here, he will be a perfect rose in full bloom, whose parents will be very proud of him. All this thanks to the environment here, his teachers and friends and the great work you do.
Thank you,



I like the variety of stimulating activities that my child engages in every single day.
I am impressed with the friendly nature of the teachers which makes my child enjoy and love school.



Smart Start Montessori School provided a happy and positive environment for our child. You’ve made a difference in our child’s life. He learned different skills. My child was so happy in your Montessori. For our son, it’s really a smart start! Thank you. We will miss you.

Mr & Mrs. Vimal


It was a tough decision for us to choose the right Montessori for our son. We are glad that we chose Smart Start Montessori for our son. At Smart Start we found friendly and caring staff members, a well-rounded program for the kids, an environment where the kids feel comfortable. The kids develop creativity, innovation, community living skills, and excellent mix of academic and extra-curricular activities. It’s so very nice to see the progress of our son in such a short period of time. We are sure Smart Start will continue providing a great environment to children. Please keep up the good work.

Mr & Mrs. Das


Thanks so much for the excellent two years that our son spent at Smart Start Montessori. He will do well in the future because of what you have given him. We thank you all for doing a wonderful job in helping our son learn everyday. We will always be grateful.

The Liwags


We would like to extend our deepest and sincere gratitude and loving thanks to all the staff of Smart Start Montessori School starting from you, the Principal, to the whole teaching staff and to our daughter’s fellow classmates, who in one way or the other has embraced and accepted her in a caring and loving way that will not be forgotten. It was such a wonderful learning experience for our daughter to start in this great school.

Richard and Amelita


Our son chooses and carries out his own work and activities. His effort and work is respected as is! As parents we like that Montessori is both an education in academics and character.

Mike and Susan


I brought a little rose-bud to you when he was 2½ years old. You nurtured him and he blossomed out into a beautiful rose and now in grade 1, I see his fragrance felt by all around him. I see it, I know it when his grade 1 teacher along with everyone else he comes across tell me that he is a very smart boy! We know that this fragrance will be with him forever and a huge part of it is owed to you all at Smart Start Montessori. Can’t thank you enough for helping us mould his mind in the right way.

Uday and Priti


My child is being moulded into an individual who is independent and strong, but humble and courteous at the same time. The most wonderful thing is the attention she gets on an individual basis and the opportunity to be able to learn at her own pace is incredible as it makes my child feel successful. I can see and feel that under the Montessori umbrella my daughter is blossoming into a fragrant flower. Thank you, Dr Maria Montessori.

Sandeep and Shilpa


Montessori teaches our son about the world around him especially how other cultures interact and their traditions and customs. The teachers in Smart Start Montessori are always nurturing and work hard to foster the strong educational development of their students. We would recommend Montessori for any parents who want to give their child a strong head start.

The Nelson family


I like the fact that Smart Start Montessori School gives the opportunity for children to learn in a non-competitive environment where each child learns at his/her own pace, as opposed to regular schools where there is a pre-set curriculum for the entire class. This eliminates stress and pressure to perform and makes learning enjoyable. This setting is so enjoyable that my child loves coming to Smart Start Montessori School every day.



I have noticed such a positive growth in my son and I am grateful that all of you played a role in furthering his development. I can see that all the staff genuinely care about him and all the other children there which is a blessing for any mother to have and know. You all are excellent at your jobs and I would highly recommend your school to any other parent out there.





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